aUToronto Weekly Update (Aug 29th)

The Autonomy team is preparing for data collection next week. They will collect data that can be used for both sensor calibration and testing autonomy algorithms. Furthermore, they are also making progress on various topics such as object tracking, lane detection and path tracking control.

The Software team is currently working on interfacing with hardware systems including bumblebee, velodyne and CAN, with the help from the Autonomy team. 

The Hardware team has been working towards refining the power and communication interface & strategy for Zeus, as well as sourcing off-the-shelf components. They are also in the process of reviewing the current version of the electrical hardware design with engineers from GM. 

The System team is finalizing the JIRA task tracking system and loading in the first set of tasks. They have decided to follow an Agile methodology with two-week long sprint cycles. Each sprint cycle will result in a demonstrable capability on the vehicle!