Who We Are 

We are aUToronto, one of eight teams competing in the SAE/GM AutoDrive Challenge.  This newly established, three-year autonomous vehicle competition will task students to develop and demonstrate a full autonomous driving passenger vehicle.   To learn more about our vehicle, Zeus, click here.

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We are a team of ambitious engineers designing and building the future of autonomous vehicles.

Our Mission 

Autonomous vehicles are on the cusp of revolutionizing the way our world travels. aUToronto is at the forefront of this new wave as the University of Toronto’s only student-led self-driving car team. We’re accelerating past industry timelines with an ambitious goal of developing a fully autonomous passenger vehicle capable of navigating urban driving environments by 2020 as part of the GM/SAE Autodrive Challenge. Working with state-of-the-art autonomous technologies in partnership with prolific industry partners, our team is creating a vehicle which will provide a safer, swifter and smarter driving experience.

About SAE/GM AutoDrive Challenge

The AutoDrive Challenge is a three-year collegiate autonomous vehicle competition hosted by SAE International and mainly sponsored by General Motors (GM). The technical goal of the competition is for the self-driving vehicle to navigate an urban driving course in an automated driving mode, and achieving SAE Standard level 3 autonomy by the end of year 3. 

What Is Level 3 Autonomy?

A Glimpse on Zeus' Journey to Full Autonomy

Competition Timeline